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Take me to school

Two-thirds of children in Uganda drop out of school before completing their primary education. 67% of children living in Kampala slums do not attend school. Out of the 91% children that enroll for primary school, 53% complete primary and only 34% complete secondary school education


Back to school smile

Many children are in a dire need of school supplies. The lack of school supplies deprive them a good quality education experience, when a student has a textbook,exercise book,pen,pencils and all these academic tool his confidence and literacy levels increase.


Happy hour children’s club

 Happy hour children’s club started as a place where children would come to enjoy their childhood moments with one another, experience the love of Christ and learn his word. However the more we interacted with them, the more we got to understand their needs.

music at gift in me

Music My Passion

The opportunity to learn and play has an empowering and life-changing effect on the young children, youth and adults. Gift in me provides music education, life skills training and performance opportunities.To play Music one needs an instrument.

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